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You saw a large screen TV, and you adored it for 8 months now. You didn’t buy because you’ve been waiting for November’s Black Friday when the prices will be on discount. But when the time comes there comes the reality; you just realized that so many other people want something similar and they reached the store before you, just to buy the same thing as you. To make matters worse, the shop has fewer items that they can’t be enough for all of you.

Don’t get frustrated; you are not alone in this. This is something that most people have come across at some point in their shopping experience. Amidst the confusion, you might ask yourself what you need to do. The answer to this is simple. Find its alternative and shop on Cyber Monday instead.

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

While Black Friday marks the beginning of Christmas season, Cyber Monday is the Monday that immediately follows Black Friday. During Black Friday, there’s a massive rise in sales which makes retailers sell their products at low prices, without experiencing financial loss. On Cyber Monday the same thing happens, but this occurs exclusively online. Hence there’s no walk-in into physical shops.

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

For a typical buyer, Cyber Monday beats Black Friday and here’s why:

1. Products vary in a wide range

Online shopping has got lots of perks. It’s quite convenient for its users since you get to choose from many different stores, and you also get the time to bargain.

When you buy products via the internet, you might find them selling at very low prices, compared to purchasing at the local stores. Instead of going through the hustle of having to choose between 2 – 3 different brands in the local shop, wouldn’t it be better to choose among a long list of products?

2. Products offered are cheaper

Websites maintenance requires less capital than a physical store. So, this means that the products that are sold online are less expensive than what you would buy at a local store on a Black Friday sale. Most of the website will even go to the extent of shipping to you want you buy from them, for free or they will give huge discounts. Therefore, you will end up saving a lot than you could have ever imagined.

3. Items are less likely to end

Would you imagine wasting your time on a Black Friday just because the product you’ve been lining up for just gotten sold 5 minutes immediately after the store was opened? Such things happen. But with Cyber Monday, you’re buying from an online platform where there’s a large supply chain that’s more efficient than a local store. This makes products less likely to run out of stock.

4. Online shopping is safer

When you shop online, you’ll not have to worry about the many hair-pulling incidents that happen elsewhere. By buying what you want online, you’ll also have nothing to worry regarding other incidents such as pickpocketing.

5. You get more time to decide

Everybody is on the rush on Black Friday, and this includes even store workers who have to serve lots of customers at the same time. When this happens, it gets so difficult to have your questions answered regarding items you want to purchase. But, if you shop on Cyber Monday, you’ll have the opportunity to research and find sufficient information about the product that you want to buy to determine whether it perfectly fits your needs.

These are just a few of the many benefits you have when you Shop on a Cyber Monday, compared to buying items on a Black Friday.